Multicultural Books

Multicultural Books

The best way to promote literacy is to inspire a love of reading, and the best way to do that is to surround students with books that are relevant to their lives. CPS students come from a wide range of backgrounds, and we want to make sure we have books that speak to all of them.

For a child who has never seen characters like themself and life experiences like their own reflected in a book, reading can be an alienating experience. You can change that. By gifting a multicultural book to a classroom library, you can open up the world of literature to a CPS student.

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We’re raising money to equip every CPS school library with books that mirror the lives of our students and offer them windows into other experiences. Your donation helps us provide a diverse and expansive library for every CPS school.

A donation of just $10 will buy two new books to help diversify a classroom’s library. $100 can provide professional development for a literacy teacher so they can effectively teach books from a range of cultures. $500 will restock a class’s entire library with books that are relevant to every student, and $1,000 can build a whole new library for a classroom in need, including shelving, furniture, and books.

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